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Using a font

H2R Graphics can use any font installed on your computer.

An example Font Book on macOS
An example Font Book on macOS

In the example above, there are a few fonts installed on the computer. We will use Courier Prime in this following example.

Adding a font in H2R Graphics
Adding a font in H2R Graphics

We’ve typed in the name of the font we want to use exactly as it is listed in our Font Book. This is super important.

This font can now be used on any graphics using my current theme.

Using multiple computers

If you are using multiple computer - Computer A is running H2R Graphics which Computer B is showing the output of H2R Graphics - you will want to install a font on both computers.

At the very least though, the font should be installed on whichever computer is showing the H2R Graphics output.

Why no dropdown of installed fonts?

Since H2R Graphics is made to work across your network (and even across the world) the application cannot assume where you will show an output - for this reason it would need to know font installed on your local computer and on your output computer.

To make things a little simpler in development, we have opted to allow you to enter a font by name.

This way you can choose to install a font on whatever computer you want and reference it by name in the theme section.

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