H2R Graphics

H2R Graphics in action

Here are a few ways to use and take full advantage of H2R Graphics.

Sports Competition Streaming with H2R Graphics Pro

Discover how H2R Graphics Pro elevated PIT Media's live sports streaming capabilities, enhancing the presentation of the 'Victory Grips - Teen Throw Down' CrossFit Games athletic competition.

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Live Graphics for YouTube - Bird Watching Stream

Discover how the Mental Health Plant YouTube channel leveraged H2R Graphics Pro to streamline and elevate the quality of their bird watching live streams.

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Revolutionizing Worship Experience

Discover how H2R Graphics Pro was pivotal in helping Berlin Cathedral revolutionize their live streams in response to the pandemic.

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OBS Studio

Using H2R Graphics in combination with OBS Studio.

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Blackmagic ATEM switchers

Here's how to use H2R Graphics with your Blackmagic ATEM switcher!

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Using H2R Graphics in combination with vMix.

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