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Sports Competition Streaming with H2R Graphics Pro

PIT Media's Recipe for Live Sports Stream Success

In the dynamic landscape of live streaming within its niche community, precision and professionalism stand as crucial pillars. PIT Media, an integral part of its vibrant local community, understands the significance of utilizing the right tools for success. This is where H2R Graphics Pro comes into play, delivering unmatched broadcast enhancements allowing PIT Media to elevate their live sports streams.

Initial Obstacles and Needs

Mark Britton, the Producer at PIT Media, described their early broadcasting challenges: “No easy way to get graphics on the live feed. And one software to do it all.” This was particularly evident when grappling with the limitations of the ATEM mini’s built-in Media player. Mark’s team needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing setup and deliver a professional broadcast experience.

“The goal was straightforward, but achieving it wasn’t — getting graphics seamlessly onto a live feed with a single software solution.”

— Mark Britton, Producer at PIT Media

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The Discovery and Integration of H2R Graphics Pros

While in pursuit of a holistic solution, Mark’s path led him to H2R Graphics Pro through a podcast. Its reputation for streamlining lower thirds was particularly appealing, especially for their church services. On the integration process, Mark praised its intuitiveness, stating, ”John has great videos on how to get started. And it just worked.”

Crossfit Athletics Competition and Sports Event Scoreboard

A Game-Changing Asset

H2R Graphics Pro’s capability to seamlessly handle diverse event requirements is its strength. From handling 150 lower-third entries during a college graduation to elevating the “Victory Grips - Teen Throw Down” Crossfit Games broadcast, its impact was undeniable.

“H2R Graphics made my live stream just pop! Just like the big boys: Next events graphics, Timers, lower thirds. H2R made it look so professional.

— Mark Britton, Producer at PIT Media

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Vision for the Future

PIT Media’s association with H2R Graphics Pro has been transformative. Reflecting on the software’s evolution, Mark shared, “It has come a long way since I first used it over 3 years ago.” With a promising future ahead, Mark’s conviction in the software is evident: “Very Very Simple to use and it just works, and is not complicated.”

Given the success PIT Media has experienced with H2R Graphics Pro, they are enthusiastic about deepening this partnership and exploring the software’s expansive features for their diverse events.

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