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A pro licence unlocks more features and possibilities.

Your v2 licence

Valid for all H2R Graphics v2 updates.


All the basics



What's included

  • Download and use the app for free forever.

Pro licence

All the basics and more

$80 USD excl. tax • 1-time purchase

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What's included

  • Pro graphics.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Multiple outputs.
  • Theme Pack Volume 1.

Pro features

Explore the collection of pro features included with your pro licence.

Multiple projects

Create as many graphics projects as you need for all your upcoming gigs.

Video (Pro graphic)

Make your streams even better with video playback - Supports MP4 and WebM.

Free theme pack

Get 20 free themes ready to be imported into your project.

Credits (Pro graphic)

Thank your team and contributors with the scrolling credits graphic.

Multiple outputs

Send certain graphics to certain outputs, perfect for stage timers, team monitors and more.

Animated background (Pro graphic)

Fill your screen with a slow-moving and on-brand animated background - Great for Picture-in-picture layouts.

Big timer (Pro graphic)

A beautiful big timer for your show. Fill the screen and let your audience stay on time.

Celebration (Pro graphic)

Bang, and the confetti comes down. Use this graphic for an extra sweet blast of fun.

Animated lower third (Pro graphic)

Take your lower thirds to the next level with subtle animations that really attract the eye.

Lyrics (Pro graphic)

Show song lyrics to your audience while navigating through phrases.

Audio (Pro graphic)

Playback MP3 and WAV files during your productions.

Video (Pro graphic)

Playback MP4 or WebM video files.

Now next then (Pro graphic)

Show upcoming speakers and schedules.

QR code (Pro graphic)

Allow viewers to easily navigate to links via on-screen QR codes.

Utility (Pro graphics)

Speaker timer, Time of Day and Test Patterns.

Just want the theme packs?

If you’re just after some theme packs, you can always purchase those separately.

Theme pack

Volume 1

We made some themes so you don’t have to.
Purchase pack 1
Theme pack

Volume 2

More great themes to save you time.
Purchase pack 2


Do I have to pay to use H2R Graphics?

No, this purchase is for a “Pro” licence to unlock more features. H2R Graphics at its core is still a free application!

I bought a licence, now what?

First up, thanks! You can activate your licence by opening H2R Graphics v2 and clicking on the “Pro licence” button in the launcher window. From there, enter your licence key to activate it.

How many times can I activate a licence?

By default, licences are only allowed to be activated 2 times. This means you could use your licence on up to 2 computers.

What does “v2 updates” actually mean?

This complete re-write of H2R Graphics is version 2 of the program. There may well be a v3 at some point but that is a long while off. This v2 licence is good for the lifespan of v2 and all updates that come out under that version number

What are “multiple outputs”?

H2R Graphics comes with 1 free output to show all of your graphics. Multiple outputs allow you to show certain graphics on certain outputs. This can be really useful for running multiple displays in a venue, or even showing multi-lingual graphics on your simultaneous live shows.

Will you tell me more about ”Pro graphics”?

Sure. Tthe 'Big Timer', 'Lower third animated', 'Celebrations', 'Animated background' (and more) are pro graphics, meaning that you need to purchase a licence to add them to your rundown. We plan to add more free and pro graphics in the future.

Can I have a refund if I am not happy?

If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, email us at support@heretorecord.com within 60 days and we'll refund you in full, no problem.

Does a licence include technical support?

Unfortunately not. While we do tend to reply to just about every email that comes our way, a licence does not necessarily guarantee support for H2R Graphics.