H2R Graphics


Base URL

The structure of the base URL will be:


For all requests to H2R Graphics, use the following base url, as seen in the Launcher window.

For example…

If the Rundown URL is

The base URL is


Learn how to take full advantage of this API here: Companion module


Most HTTP methods below will rely on a URI and a JSON object.

Keep in mind that the fastest way to to this information is within the Rundown, by right-clicking on any graphic that you want to show/hide/update.

Right-clicking on a graphic
Right-clicking on a graphic


POST http://base_url/run

Clear all graphics

POST http://base_url/clear

Show a graphic

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic-id>/show

Pro tip: Right-click any graphic on your rundown to Copy "Show" URI.

Hide a graphic

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic-id>/hide

Pro tip: Right-click any graphic on your rundown to Copy “Hide” URI.

Update contents of a graphic

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic-id>/update

body object

Pro tip: Right-click any graphic on your rundown to Copy "Update" URL and to Copy body JSON.

Update score graphic

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic-id>/updateScore/<team>/<level>/<type>/<amount>

  • team is the number of the team, likely 1 or 2.
  • level is the score to update. Likely 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • type is a string depending on how the score should change. Either set, up or down.
  • amount is the number to set, increment or decrement to score by.

Example: graphic/1234/updateScore/1/1/up/10

This would affect team 1, level 1, and add 10 points to the score.

Text variables

Update Variable Text

POST http://base_url/updateVariableText/<variable-text-id>

Request Body

text String

Example companion button for updating a Text variable
Example companion button for updating a Text variable

Variable list

Select a row on a variable list

POST http://base_url/updateVariableList/1/selectRow/next

Replace next with previous or <number> to select a specific row.


Open an output with HTTP

POST http://base_url/output/<output_number>/open

Path Parameters

output_number String - 1, 2, 3 or 4

Speaker Timer

Run/resume a Speaker Timer

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/timer/run

Pause a Speaker Timer

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/timer/pause

Reset a Speaker Timer to it’s original duration

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/timer/reset

Add/remove time from a running Speaker Timer

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/timer/jump/<amount_in_seconds>

  • When paused the time will be added/removed from the duration.
  • When playing the time will be added/removed from the active time left.

Path Parameters <amount_in_seconds> Number

  • 10 would add 10 seconds.
  • -10 would subtract 10 seconds.

Set the duration of the Speaker Timer and reset it.

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/timer/duration/<amount_in_seconds>


Next lyric

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/lyric/next

Previous lyric

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/lyric/previous

Back to the start

POST http://base_url/graphic/<graphic_id>/lyric/start

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