H2R Graphics

What is Pro?

While H2R Graphics is a free application to download and use, it does have a few neat features just for pros!

Getting a licence

Get a Pro licence from our website: h2r.graphics/pro

Using a pro licence

Once you have obtained a licence, open H2R Graphics and click on the Pro licence button on the Launcher.

Pro licence button in H2R Graphics
Pro licence button in H2R Graphics

This will open the licence entry window.

Licence entry window
Licence entry window

Once you paste your key into the window (or type it if you really really want to), press the Check button and then wait as your licence gets checked.

If all goes well, you’ll get the success message and you’re good to go.

What’s included

The following features are unlocked when you add a pro licence.

Simplify your graphics workflow

Start using graphics on your live stream or video productions.

Download for free