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Pro licence

What is a Pro licence?

A Pro licence for H2R Graphics unlocks paid pro features which are only available to paid users.

Read more about what is available to pro users here: What is Pro?

Getting a licence

Get your own pro licence for H2R Graphics by visiting our /pro page and purchasing a licence.

Activating a pro licence

A Pro licence can be activated on 2 machines at any given time by default (licences with higher activation limits are also available from the store).

When you have purchased your licence you can activate it by following our “Using a pro licence” help guide here.

Deactivating a pro licence

At any time you can deactivate your pro licence and move that licence to another computer if, for example you…

  • Want to move your activation to another computer.
  • Plan to wipe your system and restart with a fresh OS install.
  • Loan out your computer and want to avoid loaning our your licence.

How to deactivate a licence

To deactivate your licence, open the same “Pro licence” window in the H2R Graphics application.

Pro licence button in H2R Graphics
Pro licence button in H2R Graphics

Once the window is opened, click the Deactivate button and after a few seconds your licence will be deactivated.

Deactivate button
Deactivate button

And there you go. You can now use that licence again on another computer.

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