H2R Graphics

Issue or feedback?

Please use the issue and feedback form on our website: h2r.li/issue

Storage locations




~/Library/Application Support/h2r-graphics-electron/storage/

Log file





Revert to free

In order to remove a Pro licence from a computer, first visit this location on your computer in the above Storage locations section above.

Then, delete the "_licence_v2.json" file.

On your next startup of H2R Graphics, you will be reverted to the non-pro version.

Reset a licence activation

First follow the Revert to free steps above.

Then reach out to us via email to reset your licence.

Please use the issue and feedback form on our website: h2r.li/issue

Common troubleshooting steps

Restart your machine

A good old restart often fixes strange issues with most apps. It’s a good idea to try that out!

Disable your firewall

A strict firewall on your computer can disable the functionality of H2R Graphics. Try disabling that before launching the app.

Alternatively, try opening your firewall tool and you may see some errors about H2R Graphics.

Run as admin

If you are having issues with any part of the app - especially when using features that rely on the internet - it’s best to be running as an admin.

Simplify your graphics workflow

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