H2R Graphics

Companion module

Use the official H2R Graphics module to control the app from Companion

Adding a connection/instance

First, add the “Here to Record - H2R Graphics” module within your companion UI.

Adding the instance
Adding the instance

Next, configure the settings within the module.

Instance config
Instance config

Note the following…

Target IP - You will see in H2R Graphics the “Network” settings in the launcher. That same IP address should be in this input within Companion.

Target Port - This should be set to 4001.

Project ID - Use the project ID from H2R Graphics. This defaults to ABCD, but will be different if you have created a new project.


H2R Graphics for companion comes with some handy presets for use in your buttons.


Basic actions

Run - Used to trigger the “Run” button from within H2R Graphics

Hide all - Hides all graphics that are currently on-air.

Show/Hide presets

Every graphic on your rundown will show up in the “Show/Hide” section.

These are dynamically updating with the latest content from your H2R Graphics project.

Using these presets will allow you to toggle these graphics on and off air.


H2R Graphics exposes a selection of variables for use within your Companion setup.


Examples are:

  • Connection status to the H2R Graphics app
  • Contents from graphics
  • Timer countdown/count up durations

Simplify your graphics workflow

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