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Add social comments from all over the web

With the help of Socialstream.ninja, you can add comments from all sorts of sources like:

  • YouTube live
  • Facebook live
  • Restream.io
  • Twitch
  • And loads more (see here!)

Install the extension

Follow the guide on socialstream.ninja GitHub to install the extension in Chrome.

Once installed, head over to H2R Graphics and add a new data source

Adding this data source

Add a HTTP listener data source from the list in the launcher.

Adding the HTTP listener data source
Adding the HTTP listener data source

Sending data to the HTTP listener

When you add a HTTP listener data source, it will be given a unique URL for use in the extension.

A newly added source
A newly added source

In this example the URL to copy is

Copy that link to your clipboard and head back to Chrome.

Adding the URL to the extension

Open the socialstream.ninja extension and scroll down to you see the follow options.

Settings in socialstream.ninja
Settings in socialstream.ninja

Paste in the URL and enable the Send all to H2R server.

Be sure to also enable Strip HTML from messages too.

Pop-out the chat to enable data

Be sure to keep following the guide on socialstream.ninja GitHub to pop-out chat boxes from your live streaming sources.

Messages from everywhere

Back over in H2R Graphics, you will see new social messages appear in Social tab.

Social from Discord and YouTube
Social from Discord and YouTube

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