H2R Graphics

Pro graphics

H2R Graphics, in the free experience, for a quite a few simple-style graphics. In the paid version you can unlock some super nice animated graphics!

ℹ️ Learn more about the Pro licence here: h2r.graphics/pro

Big timer

The Big timer graphic allows you to show the time… big.

It comes in three different variations: Circle, Line and Mask - as shown below.

Big timers in action
Big timers in action

You can choose the shape just like editing any other graphic, and change the colours by applying a theme to the timer.

Lower third animated

For a more animated lower third or message, you can use the Lower third animated graphic.

Lower third animated graphics
Lower third animated graphics

There are currently three variation: Slide-out, Unfold and Reveal. Content and theming are all editable, just like simple graphics.

Icon with Message

Catch your viewers attention with this Icon with message graphic.

Icon with Message graphic
Icon with Message graphic

Icon with message graphic

In the app, you can choose between a selection of built-in icons, a custom icon that you type in or an image from your imported media.


Thank your viewers or your team for watching with the Credits graphic.

Credits rolling
Credits rolling

You can choose what speed, the text and even link your live stream crowd images right to the credits.

Simplify your graphics workflow

Start using graphics on your live stream or video productions.

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