H2R Graphics

What's new in H2R Graphics v2.14

New `Map` graphic, customise QR and deactivate licences.

By John Barker • 1 March 2023

Where is your audience watching from?

The Map graphic in H2R Graphics allows you to display the location info of your audience.

With the help of the Social graphic, a viewer saying “Hey from Stockholm Sweden” will drop a pin on their location in the map.

Social and Map graphic

The app is not using the viewers actual data, but simply parsing the location info from their chat content.

Showing a few comments on screen makes for an impressive look at where your audience is spread out throughout the world.

A pin on the map

Customise your QR Codes

Dial in the details of your QR Code graphic with some colour customisation options.

You can now set the background and foreground colours of a QR Code graphic so it better matches your stream branding and colour scheme.

QR code with customisation

Move your licence between computers

Here’s handy one for all your Pro users out there, you can now move your Pro licence between computers with the click of a button.

In the Pro options window, click on the “Deactivate” button and this will remove the licence from that computer.

Deactivate a licence

Then use your deactivated licence on another machine just like before.

And more

We’ve also added…

  • Refresh IP addresses button when you move between networks.
  • Active Team option added for Score graphic.
  • Tabular numbers used for timers to remove as much movement as possible between seconds elapsing.
  • Webpage graphic can now be interacted with no matter where on the rundown it is.
  • Credits and Now Next Then can be cued-off without breaking.
  • Show Cursor to ‘Hide’ will also disable the right-click menu.
  • macOS arm builds now Apple native again.
  • Credits now properly transparent in Key/Fill outputs
  • Clearer X for removing text rows in lists.

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