H2R Graphics

What's new in H2R Graphics v2.12

Linux, QR Codes, Graphic linking and multiple lists!

By John Barker • 12 December 2022

QR Code (Pro Graphic)

One of the latest additions to H2R Graphics is the QR Code. Remember: This is available with the Pro licence.

This is perfect for getting your audience to follow a link on their secondary device

You can even add some text under it to make it clear where they will be headed.

QR Code graphic

Linux beta build

We’ve just got things running (in beta) for Linux users out there and we are keen for feedback.

Please run the build on your machine and reach out with any thoughts, issues or successes!

H2R Graphics on Linux

Open on... an output

Previous to this version, if you wanted to open an output on a specific monitor connected to your computer, you would have to; 1) Open the output, 2) Drag it to the monitor, 3) Go full screen.

Well, goodbye to that madness - Now you can open an output with the click of a button.

When you click on Open on... within the H2R Graphics launcher, your connected monitors will be listed and you can chose which one you want to send the output to.

Open on outputs

And more

We’ve also added…

  • The ability to Crop each graphic in the graphic editor.
  • Create multiple variable lists (Pro).
  • ‘Blur and Fade’ transition.
  • Text box input for Custom CSS.
  • ‘Score’ tab now accepts typing in any number to update a score.
  • ‘prompter=true’ modifier for /social-only tab.

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