H2R Graphics

What's new in H2R Graphics v2.10

Video playback, glow, gradients and more!

By John Barker • 5 September 2022

Video playback

Load up MP4 or WebM videos into your graphics project and play them back!

We’ve added loop and mute controls too which makes this perfect for looping backgrounds.

Drawing on screen

Note: Video is a Pro graphic.

Arm build for macOS

Finally, you can now install an Apple native version of H2R Graphics, right onto your computer.

So far it has felt nice and snappy to use!

Head over to the download section to give that a try.

IP address selector

You can select between IP address on your network, which are then used to fill out the copy/paste addresses in the UI.

Drawing on screen

This is super handy when you have a few NICs installed in your machine.

And more…

We’ve also added:

  • Export themes from the Theme builder.
  • Images now supported for teams.
  • Add glow and gradients to graphics.
  • Transparent background on theme editor preview.
  • A newly duplicated graphic appears below its original graphic.
  • Scale and Scale & Fade transitions added.

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