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What's new in H2R Graphics v2.9

Now you can draw, again!

By John Barker • 18 July 2022

Draw on screen

We’ve brought back a popular feature from V1 of H2R Graphics - Drawing on the screen.

This allows you to draw with your mouse on any of the outputs. We’ve added options for colour and brush size too, so you can draw exactly how you’d like.

Note: Be sure to enable this feature in Settings > Output.

Drawing on screen

Improvements to credits

With this version comes some really nice tweaks to the Credits graphic.

You can now set longer durations which is perfect for a really long credit roll, or to match the pace of your production.

You can also now add as many names to the Credits graphic and they will all show - previously we had some issues with super long lists.

Credit roll

Variable list row numbers

We’ve made it even easier to pull variables out of your lists by adding row numbers. This way, if you want to use [list1.row15.cell3], you don’t need to do a bunch of counting.

Variable list

And more…

We’ve also added:

  • ‘To time of day’ timers set in the past will update to the future when you trigger them.
  • Big Timer key/fill now working as expected.
  • Big Timer will no longer spin fast when coming on air.
  • Big Timer set to ‘To time of day’ will restart the circle each time.
  • Social image now set to default ‘Circle’ style.
  • Theme CSS overrides for Credits now working as expected.
  • Longer credits now show all names.
  • Transition ‘none’ now properly reports back when graphics go on/off air.
  • Non-pro users can now delete all projects and create a new one.

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