H2R Graphics

Using H2R Graphics with vMix

Learn how to set up a browser input to show all your graphics.

By John Barker • 14 May 2022

Adding H2R Graphics to vMix is super straight-forward and offers lovely clean graphics, thanks to the integrated browser in vMix.

1 - Launch

Start by launching both vMix and H2R Graphics. So far, so good.

2 - Open a project

Open your desired project in H2R Graphics and copy the output URL.

Graphics output URL

3 - Opening the output in vMix

In vMix, add a new Web Browser input and paste in the URL copied from H2R Graphics.

Adding a browser input to vMix

4 - Setting the outputs background colour

By default, H2R Graphics outputs have a green background colour.

Open the Launcher > Output and then set the background colour by typing in “transparent”.

Changing the output's background colour

5 - Good to go

Use an overlay to place your graphics on top of your vMix output. Done!

Using H2R Graphics in vMix with an overlay

Ready to simplify your graphics workflow?

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